I’ve seen a number of instances where people were facing minor criminal charges and decided against hiring a criminal defense attorney to help them fight their cases. This is poor decision that’s edged on by impatience, a lack of legal funds, and a belief that the offense is a “minor” criminal offense.

There Are No Minor Crimes

A crime is a crime. A person who commits a crime is, therefore, a criminal. However, some crimes carry less sever criminal penalties than others, and the severity of those penalties are the only differentiating factor in the nature of how we should see the crime. At the end of the day, no matter if the charge carries a 300 dollar fine, or a 25 year prison minimum, a criminal is a criminal.

A Criminal History, of any King, Follows You

Regardless of what you did, or what they say you did (hint, hint), if you’re convicted of a crime, at trial or by accepting a plea deal, it goes on your record and you’re branded a criminal for life. Unless you can get the criminal charge expunged, the offense is guaranteed to be a stain on your good name until you die, then it’ll still follow you as criminal records aren’t erased upon the death of the offender. A criminal defense lawyer, if hired, will give you a fighting chances if you’re being faced down by the criminal justice system, in pursuit of your freedom.

Why You Need an Attorney

By retaining the services of a competent criminal defense lawyer in Houston, you can avoid being steam-rolled by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. In Harris County, defendants are railroaded everyday, with few of the smart ones beating their cases with the aid of counsel.

If you have an attorney, you can avoid being made a fool of by Harris County prosecutors and get a fair shake from the criminal justice system.

Always Hire a Lawyer

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