I was riding in the car with my new boyfriend that lives in Austin, TX when two Travis County police officers pulled us over. The cops came to the car and pulled my boyfriend out right away. I had no idea what was going on and then they came to my door. I was asked to get out and I was also placed in handcuffs. This was very shocking to me because I had never been treated this way by anyone. I was very shaken up and what happened next had me in tears.

He Was A Drug Dealer

The Austin Police Locked Right In On Us

Once we got pulled out of the car and placed into handcuffs, a drug dog was brought in. The k-9 sniffed around the inside of the car and alerted to something under my seat. This was only the second time I had been out with my boyfriend and I had no clue what could be in the car. The Austin, Texas police (Austin Police Department) pulled a large bag out from under the seat. They laid it on the hood of the patrol car and begin questioning me about it. I told them that I had no clue that it was there and I had only known my boyfriend for a few short weeks. Apparently, he was a known drug dealer and they had been following him around for weeks.

I Got Charged With A Felony In Austin

I Knew I Would Need an Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

After the police questioned both of us separately, they brought us back together. They informed both of us that since my boyfriend would not take responsibility for the drugs we would both be charged. I broke out in tears and was so mad at him for letting me take the charge along with him which was a felony. I had never been in trouble with the law before. My record was clean and I didn’t even have as much as a simple misdemeanor. But now thanks to him, my life was ruined!

Getting Out Was My Main Concern

I Had to Hire an Austin Jail Release Attorney

Once I arrived at the police station, I was booked and processed. The female officer searched me which made me feel very uneasy. After this long process was over with, I was placed in a cell with several other female inmates in a filthy Travis County jail out in Austin, TX. I needed jail release and I knew I needed it fast.

Life in the Travis County, TX Jail

They all looked at me and gave me the cold shoulder. I was not happy with my surroundings and felt violated. A few hours passed and I was able to speak with my mom on the phone. She told me not to worry and that she was going to contact a good Austin jail release lawyer.

The next day, my lawyer showed up and told me about his jail release services. He informed me that I did not have to pay a bail bonds company and that he could get me out. He explained how PR bonds work and I agree to let him help me. I was excited to see my kids who really needed their mother to come home.

Finally Out of Jail

Thanks to my lawyer I was released on a PR bond and was sent home. After my jail release, I was able to use my time wisely and worked with my attorney on my upcoming court date. When the day of my trial came, I was very nervous. But after the judge and jury heard my testimony, I was only given probation. I was super excited about this and I got to avoid any prison time. On the other hand, my now ex-boyfriend is now facing 10 years behind bars. To bad he wasn’t eligible for jail release.

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