The Federal System

Federal Criminal Cases: Fighting Back

After a person is charged with a criminal offense at the federal level, they’ll need to make a number of decision regarding their future and the future of their families. They’ll also need to make a decision about which criminal […]

The Criminal Element: Drug Trafficking in Texas

For decades now, drug trafficking has been a major problem in Texas – a factor that can be attributed to its proximity to the Mexican border and ease of crossing into the large Southwestern state. Mexican Drug Cartels Generally, millions […]

Drugs & Crime

Texas Law & Cocaine Possession Offenses

Cocaine possession or trafficking of controlled substances is a serious drug crime in Houston and throughout Texas. Possession is defined by Texas penal code as having actual care, custody, control, or management of an illegal substance. Trafficking is selling or […]

Austin Jail Release Options Saved My Life

I was riding in the car with my new boyfriend that lives in Austin, TX when two Travis County police officers pulled us over. The cops came to the car and pulled my boyfriend out right away. I had no […]

Assaultive Offenses & Texas Law

Assault refers to the act of performing intentional actions that imply that you are about to impact physical harm on someone. Even though you do not cause physical harm, the thought of doing so warrants charges of assault. In Texas […]

Hiring Attorneys

The Best Time to Hire a Private Investigator

Over the years, there has been a rise in many cases pertaining to home-based violence, premarital mishaps, and other social-based disputes. This calls for private investigators otherwise known as private eye specialists. Fortunately, private organizations have come up with a […]

A Top Houston Attorney for Criminal Cases

Were you accused of a criminal offense in Houston? If so, you’re best option is to secure the legal services of a top Houston criminal law attorney like Attorney Mark W. Bennett of the Bennett & Bennett law firm in […]

Best Practices if Charged with DWI in Houston

An arrest for Driving While intoxicated (DWI) means being thrown in the back of a Houston Police Department cruiser and being carted off to jail, only to be transfer to the Harris County Jail. It doesn’t mean you’re a criminal. […]